Yaletown Vancouver Restaurant Reviews – Salsa & Agave Receives Top Honors

Yaletown Restaurant Reviews

There is no industry that depends upon reviews quite like that of the restaurant business. And honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. This online behavior keeps the industry honest, and encourages everyone to up their game when it comes to cuisine and service alike. Not all do, mind you. But the public weeds them out quickly. For those that do, well, the public and media is quick to dole out the accolades too.

While we are humbled every time that we are recognized for all of our efforts,  we hesitate to share these reviews. We never want to come off as being braggadocios in any way. However, we have come to realize that not only is it great for our staff to receive feedback on all of their hard work, it also serves future patrons. You too are hard working, and should be provided with as much information as possible to help you make an educated choice about where to spend your hard earned leisure. That’s why today we are taking the opportunity to share some curated reviews for our Yaletown Vancouver restaurant. If it leads just one of you to join our family of regular guests, then it will have been worth it.

Rave Reviews (Past and Present) for Our Yaletown Vancouver Restaurant & Bar

Georgia Straight – “Slingshots You South”

We’d be remiss not to start with an oldie but a goodie (2008) that helped launched our reputation for delivering a truly authentic Mexican food menu. In fact, the article came out way back when it was just our 1223 Pacific Boulevard location, pre-liquor license, before our now famous patio spot (with a proper tequila bar) opened up a few doors down. While we’ve grown, the Straight goods (words) remain truer than ever. The following quote is especially one of our favorites:

“This is food from Querétaro in central Mexico, so you won’t get fish tacos but more rib-sticking fare. The size of small clutch purses, burritos can hold carne asada with beans—a little chewy and a lot tasty, especially when you zap it with pico de gallo or a homemade guacamole, whose flavours slingshot you back to a Mexican side street, headlights diffused by the dust, your shoulders burned from the sun.” (Angela Murrills, February 27/2008, Georgia Straight)

VanCity Buzz – “Best Nachos in Vancouver”

OK, so you’ve seen our menu and you know that right there on the top of our appetizers we have our Killer Nachos labelled as the Best Nachos in Downtown Vancouver. We know, practically every joint in the city with nachos on your menu makes the same claim. It’s right up there with every corner coffee shop claiming “best coffee in town” and so forth. But in all honesty we never had the intent of labelling our Killer Nachos this way. It just kind of happened. It started with guest feedback and quickly escalated through foodie blogger-dom. And sure, there are a LOT of creative nacho plates out there in Greater Vancouver, and many of them are fantastic. But we pride ourselves in keeping it simple and authentic, which has gone appreciated by many, including the one and only VanCity Buzz, one of the most trusted online resources in the city:

“My absolute favourite nachos in Vancouver. Zesty guacamole, plenty of feisty toppings, and copious amounts of cheese…I scraped the plate clean.” (Jenni Sheppard,  June 01/2015, VanCity Buzz)

The Province – “Best Restaurants in Metro Vancouver”

Vancouver media mainstay The Province released their “Best Restaurants in Metro Vancouver” list a couple of months ago (February 2017) and yours truly made the cut. There was no grandiose editorial. Making the list was the point, but it did come with a simple yet succinct note, that Salsa & Agave is “Not Tex Mex but the real deal“. That quaint statement says it all. We indeed pride ourselves in delivering a menu that is true to our Mexican roots, with a splash of South American flare here and there. Our menu is authentic, and to be recognized as a departure from the saturated Tex Mex or Mexi-Cali market so prevalent here on the west coast is a point of pride. Come sample what the real deal tastes like!

YOURS – Miscellaneous Raves

That’s right. Our most prized reviews come from you. Nothing validates our work in the kitchen, behind the bar, and on the dining room floor than glowing feedback from happy patrons. Our Facebook Page holds an amazing 4.5 star rating which keeps us striving to live up to your expectations as we continue to seek nothing less than the best from our menu and staff alike. Muchas gracias for your continued support – we look forward to serving you!