Why a Mexican Restaurant with a Patio is So Important to Vancouver

Mexican Restaurant with a Patio

The patio dining culture in Vancouver BC is a big deal. You see, it rains a lot here. And while this climate keeps the region beautifully green, it can impede upon our quality of life. So, when the sun shines (or it is simply not raining) the public drops everything and heads for the nearest patio for lunch, dinner, drinks, and all around hijinks. We can guarantee that workplace sick days in the city coincide with sunny days, upper-management included.

In certain parts of Mexico, a proper street-front comedor (dining area) is essential for a full-fledged Mexican dining affair. When our owners brought Salsa & Agave to Vancouver, they knew that in order to deliver a truly authentic experience, a patio was a must.

The first step, was to choose the right location. A proper restaurant patio must face the sun for a significant part of the day. It must also be located in a prime people watching location so that patrons can see, and be seen, the latter being of grave importance to Greater Vancouver’s image conscious populous. It must also be placed in a convenient area so that guests can plan their day of shopping, activities, and errands around it. The corner area of Pacific Boulevard and Davie Street in the heart of trendy Yaletown? Check!

Next, comes the space itself. A proper Vancouver dining patio must have enough elbow room for comfort, yet be close-quartered enough to feel cozy, especially since you’ll be dining with friends, family, and loved ones. Salsa & Agave knows that every square foot in downtown Vancouver comes with significant expense, but sq. ft. be damned. Customer experience comes first! That’s why one sunny day pass in front of Salsa & Agave evidences a bustling scene behind the rail of our expansive patio. Our outdoor comedorĀ is an important part of our restaurant because patio culture is important to Vancouver BC.

So, the next time the forecast calls for it, call in to work with a scratchy throat (you have our permission) and come by for lunch, dinner, dessert, drinks, or all of the above. You have a perfect place on our patio, waiting for you.

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