Where to Eat While Watching the Game in Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver

Where to Eat and Watch the Game in Vancouver

Sports bars certainly have their place in downtown Vancouver. But where do you go when you want to enjoy a casual (yet delicious) dining experience with the game on in the background? That’s a question that many ask, those of you with a family in tow, on a casual date (whatever you do, don’t watch the game on a first date!), or those who simply don’t want to deal with the screams of rapid sports fans in an elbow-room only establishment. It’s hard to find that middle ground downtown, but it does exist, right around the corner of Pacific and Davie at Salsa & Agave.

Let’s find out why our Yaletown restaurant has become a popular destination for sports fans who want great food and drinks without missing the scores and highlights of the day’s (or night’s) game schedule.

4 Reasons Why Salsa & Agave is the Go-To Downtown Vancouver Restaurant for the Casual Sports Fan

1. The Line-Up

We’re a Mexican restaurant, so right away you know that soccer gets priority on the TV that hangs by the tequila bar. If Mexico or a South American team is on the pitch the channel won’t be switched. And with soccer becoming the televised spectator sport of choice in Greater Vancouver, patrons wouldn’t have it any other way. However, since soccer isn’t on 24-hours a day (a travesty, really) we most certainly tune into the other major sporting events taking place at a given time. Fans of the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL all converge upon our eatery when an important game is on.

2. The Nachos

What’s the first finger food you think of when it comes to watching sports? Nachos of course! As home to the best nachos in downtown Vancouver, it just makes sense that you pair it with a viewing of the game. Our Killer Nachos have taken over the playing field in Yaletown, calling on competition to step up their play. But really, there’s no comparison to our crisp nacho chips, piled high with cheddar cheese, beans, jalapeño peppers, pico de gallo, fresh homemade sour cream and topped with feta cheese.

3. The Cervezas

What’s the first beverage you think of when it comes to watching sports? Cervezas of course! We don’t complicate things with an excessive craft beer line-up that will having you staring at your menu for 30 minutes trying to decide what to choose (this isn’t NetFlix). Instead, we have handpicked a diverse but narrowed down beer selection that that will have you exclaiming “tres cervezas, por favor“ so you can get back to the game without further interruption.

4. The Schedule

Many eateries that play sports on TV aren’t open during key times of the day when your game is on. This is especially true if you’re a fan of international soccer which doesn’t exactly follow the PST/EST time zones common to most other Vancouver dining establishments that cater to the casual sports fan. But because we open our doors for brunch (11 AM seven days a week) and have one of the most unique brunch menus in town, you can actually find yourself enjoying an impeccable meal while keeping an eye on the early day (here) sports schedule. Our hours will also come in handy during the 2018 Winter Olympics, 2019 Pan American Games, 2020 Summer Olympics, and…wait, we’re getting too far ahead of ourselves. You get the idea.

Simply put, if you’re looking for a great place to eat and drink amidst a lively atmosphere that just happens to have the game on in the background, then you’ve come to the right place. We look forward to having you!

~ Salsa & Agave ~