Tres Cervezas, Por Favor

Tres Cervezas Por Favor

A few key words come to mind when people consider Mexican food and drink. Nachos, tacos, and tequila are among them. But near the top of this list are cervezas. It may be the Spanish word for beer but Canada (Vancouver included) has adopted the non-translated semantic origin. When you want a cerveza, you want a cerveza. No other beer will do. Our bar menu knows this, and thus we have curated a list to satisfy this craving. Today, we feature three tried-and-true varieties that provide a nice change to the hit-or-miss (we only carry the hits) craft beer gamble far too many local connoisseurs fall victim too.

3 Mexican Beers to Try the Next Time You’re in Yaletown

Dos Equis Ambar

Mexican Beer Vancouver

You may best know Dos Equis beer for its spokesman, the Most Interesting Man in the World, and his fantastic closing line of “Stay thirsty, my friends.” Silver fox aside, the beer has been popular for quite some time, since it was first brewed by German-born Mexican brewer Wilhelm Hasse, way back in 1894. That combination of national pedigree served the Dos Equis brand well, delivering some of the best and most important cervezas on the global market. Among those Dos Equis varieties, is Ambar. Ambar is a classic Vienna-style lager that is distinguished by a full body and exquisitely smooth finish. It is considered to be one of the finest North American pale and roasted malts, and pairs especially well with Mexican cuisine, including the menu found right here at Salsa & Agave.

Modelo Negra

Mexican Beer Yaletown Vancouver

“When I’m looking for something that has depth of flavor, I’m thinking about Modelo Negra.” (Rick Bayless)

That quote from Rick Bayless, world famous chef specializing in Mexican cuisine, says it allModelo Negra is a medium-bodied lager containing filtered water, yeast, malted barley, rice, and hops with slow-roasted caramel malts. Got your attention? This Munich Dunkel-style lager has been brewed longer than traditional varieties. The reason? Doing so enhances the flavors, giving way to a richer taste and exceptional smoothness.

When it comes celebrating Mexican culture through food and drink, Modelo Negra, with its rich and smooth taste and ability to enhance flavors, is second to none.

Modelo Especial

Cervezas Vancouver

The Modelo brand bears repeating as our third selection in this Tres Cervezas list.

Modelo Especial is a rich, crisp, refreshing, balanced, and full-flavored Pilsner-style Lager. The finish is so clean that you’ll rarely ever spy a bottle of Especial with a single drop left in it. The reason for the latter may be found in the fact that the beer is noted by an aroma of orange blossom honey with a subtle hint of herb.

Modelo Especial is also quite inherently a part of Mexican culture. It has been satisfying thirsts at Dia de los Muertos, birthday, wedding, and anniversary celebrations for nearly a century (originally brewed in 1925). It’s also the go-to for many Mexican (and North American) happy hours.  Make it a part of yours!

Thirsty? We thought so. Writing this made us want to pop-off a trio of caps too. Come down to Salsa & Agave in the heart to Yaletown. All you need to do is take a seat, throw three fingers in the air, smile, and exclaim “tres cervezas, por favor“. See you soon!

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