Your Top Kid Friendly Restaurant Patio in Vancouver – Here’s Why

Kid Friendly Restaurant Patio in Vancouver

There is still a solid month of summer left in Vancouver (at press) and locals and visitors with kids are looking to squeeze out every last ounce of sunshine and fresh air, even when they are going out for a bite to eat and/or for drinks. Having tots in tow should not prevent you from enjoying the patio culture of Vancouver, however as any parent knows, picking the right location is essential to ensuring that you actually get to enjoy yourself while you’re kids are entertained, and without disturbing other patrons. That may seem like a tough ask, but thankfully our Yaletown eatery accommodates the task. Let’s find out how and why.

5 Reasons Why Salsa and Agave Has the Best Kid Friendly Restaurant Patio in Downtown Vancouver

1. The Bustling Scene

Our patio is a fun one. It doesn’t wear the pretension found at outside dining spaces of other area establishments. It’s casual, cool, and enjoyable. Our patrons engage in spirited conversation and laughter and thus won’t mind your child’s own excitable demeanor. Chances are that they are their with their own brood too! No “keep quiet” stares or glares will ever point in your direction when your family kicks back for outside dining at Salsa & Agave.

Tip: Bring some sidewalk chalk and feel free to let them do some light decorating of the space just outside of our patio while you keep a close eye on them.

2. Our Staff Loves Families

Our restaurant is a family run establishment. That means we embrace the same when it comes to our guests. Our staff (kids at heart) will engage your children and make them feel like an important part of the scene, because they are.

3. The Kid Friendly Menu

The best way to keep your kids occupied while you enjoy the patio scene is to keep their bellies full with food that is not only nutritious (important to you) but delicious (important to them). Children love handheld comfort food and our menu is ripe with exactly that.

Kids really dig our famous Killer Nachos, tasty and fun to eat given the mounds of gooey cheddar cheese (although you may want to keep the jalapeños for yourself). Taquitos are another popular choice for children, along with quesadillas which in themselves have become a staple on many kids’ menus across the continent. They will love to wash it all down with our colorful lineup of world famous Jarritos, available in fruit flavors such as mandarin, strawberry, lime, and fruit punch. You can enjoy your grownup patio drinks while they sip their own.

Last but most certainly not least in the eyes of your kids is our dessert menu, which will have them behave in eager anticipation. With orders of Crepas de Cajeta and Pastel de Tres Leches leading the pack, your kids will beg you to return to our eatery for more patio time through into the end-of-summer season.

4. Park Proximity

Going out to eat in the warm season is an affair that extends beyond your restaurant patio chair. It’s important to pick a place that allows you to start and/or finish with family activity. With Salsa & Agave being located right across from David Lam Park, you’ll be able to bookend your patio dining experience with some additional outdoor fun.

5. The Promise of Nearby Reward

Few parents are beyond some simple bribery when it comes to getting their kids to behave while they (parents) enjoy some patio time. In addition to the promise of playground/park activity (noted above), the Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre is also across the street, and invites you and yours in to check out the historical Locomotive 374 tour – what kids don’t love exploring real life trains!? The surrounding Yaletown area is also rich with retail, candy stores, ice cream shops, and other places to reward your kids for allowing you the reward of patio time at everyone’s favorite casual Yaletown restaurant.

We look forward to seeing your entire family at Salsa & Agave for the remainder of this beautiful patio season, and beyond!