Top 5 Vegetarian Food Options in Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver

Vegetarian Options Downtown Vancouver

You’re a vegetarian. Kudos for the commitment because it isn’t always easy. We’re not talking about having to put up with the questions from those friends of yours who just don’t get it (“don’t you miss meat??”). That’s expected. The challenge from time to time is the lack of options. Correction, the lack of delicious options. Yes indeed there are enough vegetarian food stops around downtown Vancouver but honestly far too many lack inspiration. This is especially true of the Yaletown area. But Salsa & Agave has heard your call and responded by putting together a menu that is peppered with delectable dishes that will have even your most carnivorous friends chomping at the bit. But too bad for them, this top five list is for you!

5 Must-Try Vegetarian Dishes at Salsa & Agave

Vegetariano Burrito

A common issue for vegetarian diners in Vancouver is being able to get full (at a reasonable price, that is). No other comfort food provides that feeling quite like a hefty burrito. The vegetarian variety should not be any different, even without meat to weigh it down. Our Vegetariano is loaded, packed to the rolled floured (or whole wheat) walls with Spanish rice, refried beans, fresh onions, savory mushrooms, a whopping dose of cheese. This tasty and filling offering is served with our house made avocado sauce (yet another reason we’re so well know for avocado) and a side of homemade sour cream. In the mood to ditch the carbs? Turn your Vegetariano into a Salsa Burrito Bowl! ($10)

Vegetariano Gringa

Gringas (which you may know to be quesadillas) are extremely popular at our Yaletown eatery. The Vegetariano variety is no different. These edible triangles have been triangulated to satisfy your hunger pangs. Our chef is a master when it comes to sautéing. The fresh peppers (green and red), onions, and mushrooms are sautéed to perfection, and complement the perfectly melted cheese within the large 13′ flour tortilla that they call home until you devour them all. ($10)

Vegetariana Tostada 

Our authentic Mexican tostadas get a vegetarian makeover with the Vegetariana Tostada. Simplicity makes these handheld bites so darn good. Your order is comprised of a crisp open faced fried corn tortilla that is stacked high with beans, locally sourced lettuce, tomato, rich sour cream, cheese and (once again) our house made avocado sauce that sets Salsa & Agave dishes apart from any other Mexican restaurant you’ve visited. (2 for $10)

Vegetariano Tacos

Vegetarian tacos aren’t all that hard to come by in downtown Vancouver, but once you’ve tried ours you’ll become a staple guest at our Yaletown eatery. Traditional soft corn tortillas set the tone, with sautéed red and green peppers, mushrooms, onions, and optional cheese and sauce (the latter two at your request) highlighting the show. (4 for $10)

Vegetariano Sopes

You may not be as familiar with sopes as you are with the more common Mexican food options above. Here’s a (very) quick course. Sopes are a time-honored dish that originate from Mexico’s central and southern regions. It is a shallow shell of masa (dough) that is fried to a light crisp with a warm and tender center that is topped with a wide variety of fillings. Traditionally, the masa is thin, but at Salsa & Agave we use three thick handmade corn tortillas, and pile them high with refried beans, crisp lettuce, peppers, onions, mushrooms, homemade sour cream, a hearty dollop of cheese and house made avocado (or morita) sauce. ($10)

Note: For our vegan guests out there, Salsa & Agave is happy to accommodate your needs too, and will substitute cheese (and dairy) at your request.