Is There Such a Thing as an Affordable Yet Quality Restaurant in Vancouver?

Affordable Restaurants in Vancouver BC

Yes. Oops, did we spoil the surprise? But let’s not confuse the word affordable here. When locals and visitors want value, they also want quality. However, finding a union between “budget-friendly” and “fine dining” isn’t easy, especially in VanCity.

When we started Salsa & Agave, our mission was to provide the Greater Vancouver masses with authentic Mexican cuisine, using fresh locally sourced ingredients without sacrificing quality for cost. We also wanted to be conveniently located so that both locals and visitors had access to our offering, and in a location that encouraged social engagement with the community. Yaletown on Pacific BLVD made perfect sense, but as you know does not come without expense.

So there we were. An authentic menu with the finest ingredients and a prime location that blended perfectly with the patio culture of downtown Vancouver. Perfect scenario, right? In a way, yes. However, in order to truly make our food and dining experience accessible to the city, we had to offer it all at a price that hardworking Vancouverites and travelers could afford.

Most restauranteurs would tell you that you can’t have all three – fine food, prime location, and an affordable menu. We’re glad we didn’t listen to them. Instead, we bucked the trend that Yaletown would have you think is the norm and committed to offering our guests the whole enchilada (pun fully intended). That’s why when people review our establishment, they quote the trifecta of great food in a great location at an amazing value.

Below, we give you a sneak peak into some of the dishes that draw crowds to Salsa and Agave, while leaving room in their wallets for whatever else their hearts desire.

5 Dishes that Prove You Can Find Affordable High-Quality Dining in Downtown Vancouver

Enchiladas de Camarón

Enchiladas de Camarón, aka Shrimp Enchiladas, redefine what you may have considered enchiladas to be. You are presented with a fresh shrimp-stuffed trio that is crowned by a healthy dollop of perfectly melted cheese, an exclusive homemade sour cream, and a bed of rice. You are also offered the opportunity to choose your own house made sauce – green tomatillo or red Mexican. $16

Carne Asada con Chilaquiles

This traditional Mexican dish is a can’t miss when it comes to fine food for a finer price. How does impeccably grilled beef sirloin sound? How about when it is presented to you with our famous chilaquiles, including diced tortillas and an apex of homemade sour cream, gooey cheese, onions, beans and rice? Yum. $14

Mole Poblano con Pollo

This fulfilling chicken breast dinner is prepared with mole poblano, an original Mexican sauce with a mild pepper (poblano) flavor that will satiate those who crave a distinct flavor without too much of a kick. Accompanying this hearty feast is rice, delicious beans, and three tortillas. $13

Carne Tampiqueña

Carne Tampiquera is one of the most popular meat dishes in all of Mexico. Imagined nearly eight decades ago in a port town of Tamaulipas, the meal is rich in history and meaning, symbolizing purity, fruitfulness, and fertility. House made Mexican seasoning adds a unique flavor to a grilled top sirloin that is served with a green tomatillo sauce chicken enchilada, rajas con cream, rice, beans and three soft tortillas. This is a serious meal at an almost impossible price. $14


This exquisite dish is an international hybrid that blends Italian origin with Latin American flare. Each slice of beef sirloin is dipped into a whisked egg and seasoned batter, resulting in a breading that defies description. The meal is served with green salad, rice, a rich avocado sauce and three soft tortillas at a price so sound that those with an especially hearty appetite can add an order of our famous Azteca Soup without breaking the bank. $14 ($8 for a side of Azteca Soup)