Some Top Casual Drinks to Try When in Downtown Vancouver

Best Casual Drinks Vancouver

First and foremost, we’re an eatery, a welcoming and downright comforting place where people go to dine until their bellies are content. Of course, when you visit our establishment off of the corner of Pacific BLVD and Davie Street, you immediately notice the bar. It’s become quite the draw in itself, with patrons coming for lunch or dinner, but sticking around well passed the time they cleaned their plate to order a few rounds of libations. They (and you) are more than welcome to do so.

What people love about Salsa & Agave in this capacity, is the accommodating and non-pretentious nature, something that those in search of a casual sipping experience greatly appreciate. So today, we encourage you to swing on by this spring, summer, and beyond and enjoy some of the following local favorite beverages. And yes, you can wear your flip flops, VANS, ripped jeans, t-shirts, and whatever else keeps in the mood to kick back and chill.

5 Must Try Drinks for Those of You Looking for a Casual Day, Evening, or Night Out in Downtown Vancouver

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