Sunny Day Foods – What to Eat on a Beautiful Day in VanCity


You can’t help but notice that the summer season has made an early arrival in Vancouver. It was a long and rough winter for sure, but the longterm forecast calls for many days of sun in the 604 for the months to come and we’re inclined to agree. As we pen this article on our patio it’s registering a 23°C reading as the evening approaches in just the second week of May.

While it makes sense that people want to dine out more when the sun shines, studies show that people enjoy the experience more too. According to the Washington Post, the best restaurant reviews are written on sunny days when the temperature hits 21°C (70°F) and above. Of course, when it comes to our own rave reviews, we certainly like to think it’s the great food, drinks, and service, especially since sun is a bit of a rarity out here. But now that the skies are clear (and plan on staying that way) we thought we’d provide all with some dishes that pair perfectly with a beautiful day in VanCity.

5 Salsa & Agave Dishes to Complement Your Sunny Day Out in Downtown Vancouver

Killer Nachos

What’s not to love about nachos on a sunny day? Well, assuming they’re good nachos. You don’t have to worry about quality for this share plate at Salsa & Agave. Diving into a pile of our aptly named Killer Nachos are a killer (read with beach bum affectation) way to spend your cloudless afternoon or evening in the downtown core. This famous crisp nacho chip dish has garnered a reputation thanks to a garnish that includes thick and gooey cheddar cheese, beans, jalapeño peppers, pico de gallo, fresh homemade sour cream and feta cheese.

Quesadilla Al Pastor

A quesadilla sounds about right on a sunny day, but when you factor in one key ingredient you can see why your table with brighten up further. In addition to delicious pork that has been marinated in a homemade red chili sauce, this quesadilla is served with fresh-sliced pineapple – a sweet and tangy delicacy that is also the international symbol of hospitality.

Enchiladas w/Avocado

This dish, which includes sliced avocado atop a row of red chicken enchiladas is enveloped by melted cheese, sour cream, and homemade sauce and is served with a side of Spanish rice and refried beans. It is one of the most popular early day (we open at 11 AM) items on our menu, and what spells “sunshine” better than the opportunity to head out with friends for an authentic Mexican brunch?

Mar y Tierra Wrap

Sunny days should be easy and breezy, so handheld food certainly sounds like a great idea. We have a great selection of freshly prepared wraps to satiate this need, and one of the most popular choices from this section of the menu, is the Mar y Tierra Wrap, a fanciful yet filling order that includes a large flour tortilla filled to the brim with beef and shrimp, along with fresh lettuce, red and green peppers, mushrooms, rice and cheese.

Tacos, any Kind

This may seem like an obvious choice but it’s no cop out. Tacos continue to be a fan-favorite at our Yaletown restaurant and when the sun shines our kitchen instantly get filled with orders of this most popular of Mexican street foods. We’ve got something for everyone on the taco menu, including Lengua (beef tongue) and Camaron (grilled shrimp sautéed in garlic with a side of rice and morita sauce) in addition to the usual suspects such as Carnitas, Chorizo, Pastor, Vegetarian, Pollo, and Carne Asada.

Remember, you don’t have to wait until the clouds clear to swing by Salsa & Agave, where the sun shines every day!