Special Weekend Menu for Those Looking for Unique Dining in Vancouver

Weekend Menu Vancouver

Our daily lunch, dinner, and drink specials keep the crowds coming in every single day of the week. But when the weekends hit we like to reward patrons with something special, even if it means our kitchen has to work even harder than normal (we treat them well, we promise!).

Our weekend menu includes three extra special items that we feel deserve a spotlight of their own, which is why we’re using this week’s blog to deliver accordingly. These dishes are more than the result of a recipe, they are steeped in history, culture, and hold significance for many households, a significance that spans from Mexico and has made its way up here to the Pacific Northwest. Curious? Let’s take a look at three dishes that will provide you with a unique dining experience on your next (and many more to come) Vancouver weekend.

Three Unique Dishes Exclusive to Salsa & Agave’s Weekend Menu


Birria is a popular dish from the state of Jalisco, located in Western Mexico, a culinary region known for its unique blend of spices, peppers, and flavorings. In the most basic sense, Birria is a spicy stew. Traditionally, it is made from goat or mutton, although it is not uncommon to find beef or chicken used as the base. At Salsa & Agave, we add more of a delectable flare to the dish, using lamb instead, which provides a more unique if not unmistakable flavor. Lamb contains a branched-chain fatty acid that is not found in most other meats, and when combined with onion, cilantro, and our proprietary blend of adobo spices, delivers a more enriching experience for patrons. Your order is served with corn tortillas.

Birria often graces the tables of celebratory affairs in Jalisco (and other Mexican states and households), including baptisms, weddings, Easter, and at Christmastime. So you can see why it’s not on offer 7-days a week at our restaurant – we don’t want to dilute the celebratory nature of this dish.

One anecdotal point about Birria that you will want to quote, is its reputation as a hangover remedy – another big reason as to why it is exclusive to our weekend agenda! So feel free to indulge on this menu on Friday or Saturday evening and return the next day for your remedy.


No, we don’t have a Menudo (circa early 80’s) tribute band playing at our restaurant every weekend, but how awesome would that be??

Instead, our Menudo is an authentic and traditional Mexican soup, made with beef tripe in broth with a red chili pepper and proprietary spice blend base in addition to onions, oregano and a side of lime, with soft tortillas for dipping.

Menudo is not only considered a specialty because of its inclusion as a dish at family gatherings and events, it is also so because it takes up to seven hours to prepare, something you’ll note in a rich taste that conveys the afforded attention and care. Like Birria, Menudo is also a well-known hangover remedy, so you need not be concerned about that one more shot of tequila. It’s the weekend after all!

Come by and try Menudo and you’ll be singing Hold Me in no time at all.


More well known that the two weekend specials above, Pozole is not only a guarantee on menus in Mexican states such as Guerrero, Jalisco, Michoacán, Morelos, Nayarit, Sinaloa, and Zacatecas, it is served in Mexican and fusion restaurants all over the continent.

Like its companions above, it is a traditional soup/stew common to celebrations (i.e. Christmas, birthdays, etc.) that will keep you in comfort from the first sip/slurp to the last. At Salsa & Agave, the Pozole is made from a delicious corn grain with pork stock or chicken as the base, and is served with two crispy corn tortillas, lime and lettuce.

View more from our Mexican Specialities menu for more details, in addition to updates on dishes that may be added in the months ahead (depending upon when you are reading this).

We look forward to serving you this weekend, and every other day of the week, at Salsa & Agave!