Your Rainy Day (Escape) Restaurant in Downtown Vancouver

Rainy Day Restaurant Vancouver

It doesn’t matter what time of the year you have come across this article. Chances are, you’re looking for solace from the rain. It is Vancouver BC after all. While its persistence is to thank for the lush green scenery that we find at nearly every turn, it does have us spending more time indoors than we may prefer. So why not make the best of it?

The climate is a big part of what has made the dining scene so big in the city. It provides the escape we need when precipitation weighs on heavy on our souls. With so many restaurants to choose from, how are you to know which will best serve this need to getaway from those rainy days? Look no further than our Yaletown hotspot. Let’s find out why.

5 Reasons Why Salsa & Agave is the Ultimate Eatery for Escaping Another Rainy Day in Downtown Vancouver

1. Menu of Rainy Day Comfort Food w/a Mexican Twist

There’s nothing like comfort food on a rainy day. Make it of the Mexican variety and you’ve got the perfect menu for taking away those blues. Our traditional quesadillas will do the trick just fine. Varieties such as Quesadilla Al Pastor (pork marinated in a homemade red chili sauce and served with fresh-sliced pineapple) and our spicy Chorizo Quesadilla are a remedy as are our popular tacos, including Camaron, with grilled shrimp sautéed in garlic w/a side of rice and morita (smoked jalapeños) sauce. View our complete rainy day menu here.

2. Stay Dry By Quenching Your Thirst w/Our Unique Bar Menu

Whether seeking an accompaniment to your rainy day comfort food, or are looking for a cozy bar to tuck into for libations, Salsa & Agave’s bar menu will quench your thirst on the wettest of days. Start with these three varieties of cervezas, and then move on to Vancouver’s favorite sangria. Of course, when it comes to truly warming your body and soul, there’s nothing quite like tequila. Salsa & Agave is one of the best tequila bars in the city, with Cazadores (aged up to 12 years in Kentucky bourbon barrels), Patron Extra Aged, and Don Julio. View our complete tequila menu here.

3. Welcoming Staff That Won’t Rush You Out the Door (into the Rain)

Anyone who knows us knows that we put customers first. This mantra trickles down from top management to the kitchen and through to the floor staff – our family. And this family treats you like one of the same. When those rainy days hit, we welcome you into our fold and let you enjoy yourself without ever making your party feel as if you’re here to eat and be promptly ushered out of the door. This is a refreshing take on the downtown Vancouver dining experience and one of the reasons why we have developed such a loyal following.

4. Rain Does Not Obstruct the Local Scenery 

We may be well known for our Pacific Boulevard patio, but when the rain pours we keep our rep in tact when it comes to being one of the top people watching spots in Yaletown. The great thing about the area is that it stays bustling, even when the forecast keeps other communities at home. Have a seat and enjoy the view from our expansive windows or simply bask in the lively scene taking place within.

5. Cozy Apres-Dining Shopping (and Browsing) Surroundings

Our restaurant gives you the excuse you need to leave your rainy day slumber. But after lunch and/or an early dinner and drinks at Salsa & Agave, you’ll be in the mood to keep the proverbial party going. That’s the great thing about our location. The semi-covered walkways of Yaletown are rich with boutique shops and services that will make you glad you left your home, even when your umbrella needs to put in overtime. In fact, the best itinerary is to come by for lunch, head out to enjoy the Yaletown scene, and return again to the comforts of our restaurant for dinner. Sounds like a great rainy day indeed.


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