One of the Best Spring Restaurants in Downtown Vancouver?

Best Spring Restaurant Vancouver

The first official week of spring has now passed, and while the Vancouver weather forecast has yet to figure out that part, rest assured it will arrive soon. With the arrival of the season, pallates and culinary preferences change. Local and visiting patrons seek to come out of their winter slumber to enjoy a more vibrant dining experience. Below, we detail a few key reasons as to why you will want to head on over to our Yaletown eatery during this oh-so special season of renewal.

3 Reasons Why Salsa & Agave is One of the Top Downtown Vancouver Restaurants During the Spring Season

1. Inside Outside Options

Spring in Vancouver is a fickle beast. On one day you may find yourself wearing gloves and a scarf, and on the next you’re in shorts and a t-shirt. In one moment you’re clicking your umbrella open and a few minutes later you’re putting on your polarized shades.

It can be tough to make dining plans under these circumstances, especially when you’re like the rest of the Greater Vancouver population, those of us who hit the patio at the first sign of sun. The issue, is that committing to a restaurant with a patio under uncertain weather can come with consequence if the short term forecast changes quickly. That restaurant with a great patio often doesn’t have as an appealing interior, which can ruin the whole experience. Thankfully, at Salsa & Agave, you’ll not only find one of the best patio spaces in downtown Vancouver, you will be welcomed into a lively and colorful establishment that exquisitely complements the vibe of the season.

2. A Menu to Accommodate Your Spring Activities

While the month of January is when most of you start your health and wellness goals, studies show that most of these aspirations fall to the wayside by February. But as spring arrives, they return to the forefront, as the countdown to summer (board short and bikini weather) begins. You can see it already along the seawall, fields, and courts near our Pacific BLVD restaurant, with joggers, cyclists, beach cruiser bike riders, skateboarders, racqueteers (tennis, etc.), ballers, and frolfers buzzing around burning calories by the minute.

Now it’s true that our menu has its fair share of delectable comfort food (of the Mexican variety) to satisfy your cheat day (or any day) cravings. However, we also have a variety of healthy options to accommodate and complement your spring fitness activities and goals. These include vegetarian dishes and avocado-rich appetizers and meals that will have those that didn’t join you going green with envy. We also have many other healthy orders that pack an antioxidant, complex carb, good fat, and protein punch.

3. Spring Spirits

The spring season is also known for drawing out (or accentuating) the social butterfly within. What better way to socialize in Yaletown than by joining friends for drinks? The beverage menu at Salsa & Agave is as spirited as can be, with a balance of tropical cocktails, cervezas, and special items from our well-selected wine list and from our tequila bar that will having you taking full advantage of the longer days enjoyed at this time of the year. Our lunchtime drink specials draw people from all over the downtown core so be sure to come on by early and return again at the end of the work day for more.

Salsa & Agave is located in the heart of Yaletown, just around the corner at Davie Street and Pacific Boulevard. Let us know (contact here) if you have any questions about our location, hours, and menu. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you soon this spring season.