One of the Best Summer Restaurants in Vancouver?

Best Summer Restaurants in Vancouver

The five senses are tingling. You can feel it, see it, hear it, and smell it but you can also taste it. Summer (and summertime dining) in Vancouver is days away as the solstice arrives while we pen this most recent article. Locals and visitors alike are tapping away on their screens to hunt down the best eateries to call home through the season. And we’re excited to see you!

You see, Salsa & Agave is an authentic Mexican restaurant and as such we have a flare for the summertime vibe. People from all over the world flock to our mother country for a taste of it and so it is our mission to provide for the same here in the Lower Mainland of beautiful B.C., the place we now call home. Let’s find out why you’ll want to celebrate the season here at our downtown establishment.

3 Reasons Why Our Restaurant is One of the Top Places to Eat in Vancouver in the Summer Season

Best Summertime Seating

The season begs for open air seating, especially considering that the rest of the year often doesn’t allow Vancouverites (and visitors) to do so sans gigantic umbrellas. And while we do provide rainy days escapes, we’re all about that sunshine, which is why we chose our location with care and made sure we jumped through municipal hoops to open up the best sidewalk patio space in all of downtown Vancouver. Located on the wide red brick elbow of Davie Street and Pacific Boulevard we are the people watching capital of Yaletown. View more about why our restaurant accommodates the call of patio culture in Greater Vancouver.

Best Summertime Cocktails

Now that you’ve got that patio space locked down what comes next? Cocktails of course! What is outdoor summer dining without them? Our beverage menu is rich with sunny day spirits, including the likes of our famous Margaritas, our Paloma, our Tequila Sunrise and Guava Rush. Then there is our equally celebrated Sangria which is the talk of downtown VanCity.

Are ice cold beers your beverage of choice in the summer? Then you’ve come to the right place too. Our beer menu is tops, and includes one particular trifecta (Dos Equis Ambar, Modelo NegraModelo Especial) that will have you raising your hand and exclaiming Tres Cervezas, Por Favor!

Best Summertime Menu

Patio, check. Cocktails and cervezas, check. What now? The food! It doesn’t matter what your preference may be, we can accommodate your cravings. Eating clean this season? We’ve got a vegetarian line-up that will redefine your expectations. Seeking one of today’s most popular (and recommended) summer superfoods? Our avocado dishes are to live for! Yes indeed our healthy summer eating menu is a great one, but given that the season is one of celebration you should also be free to indulge as much as you wish, which is why our entire menu has something for everyone.

There you have it. The only missing ingredient is good company. But even if you come solo this summer the friendly staff and other guests at Salsa & Agave will have feeling like you’re part of the family, because you are.