What Makes Salsa & Agave One of the Most Unique Restaurants in Vancouver?

Unique Restaurant in Vancouver

“Unique” is a tricky word in the restaurant world. It walks a fine line that often crosses over in to gimmicky territory. Those gimmicks may garner initial interest, but the novelty wears off quick, and often results in a lack of repeat business and nonexistent loyal customer base.

What are those gimmicks? There are many. They range from purposely rude servers (a concept made famous by the likes of Wiener’s Circle in Chicago) to a slew of other concepts that make popular lists of worst restaurant gimmicks around (some themes don’t veer too far from those attempted in our very own fine city).

But unique on the other hand, well, that’s a different story. When done right, it enhances the entire dining experience. And it doesn’t need to be wacky, wild, or out of this world to be deemed unique. Heck, even “exceptional service” can be considered unique in today’s rush-them-in and rush-them-out food service industry.

Salsa & Agave may not shock and awe anyone when it comes to dining out in Vancouver, and that’s a great thing. Instead, we provide a truly distinctive dining experience for locals and visitors alike. Below, is an accounting of what sets us apart from the norm.

5 Things that Set Salsa & Agave Apart from Most Dining Establishments in Greater Vancouver

1. Truly Authentic Mexican Food

There are MANY restaurants that claim to offer a Mexican food menu. 99% of the time this “Mexican” cuisine is lost in translation somewhere between Tex-Mex and Mexi-Cali. The same is true for many food cultures that are delivered in a watered-down version when they hit the mainstream streets of anytown Canada (or USA). So when a menu provides for a true-to-a-culture menu, it really is unique. At Salsa & Agave, we pride ourselves in delivering an authentic menu, one that includes specialities (here) such as Menudo (beef tripe soup) and traditional items (here) including Milanesa con chilaquiles verdes (breaded beef sirloin served with green tomatillo chilaquiles, rice and beans).

2. Authentic Staff

When we reference authenticity in the context of our staff, we don’t mean it in a cultural sense (although, the accents run thick!). Authentic here means genuine. From the kitchen to the bar to the dining room floor, the friendly demeanor you witness exchanged between staff and our patrons is real. Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, we consider you as longtime friends if not family. We are truly happy to see you, and are honored to have the opportunity to treat you to one of the most unique dining experiences in the city.

3. Comfort Food That’s Healthy Too 

When you think of comfort food, especially Mexican comfort food, you probably don’t think about nutrition as being a key ingredient. But once again we set ourselves apart by offering healthy twists on otherwise hedonistic dishes. Our menu includes tasty vegetarian options and a variety of other healthy choices that will complement your morning at the gym or yoga class all the same.

4. Great Quality and Atmosphere in Downtown That’s Actually Very Affordable 

There are a lot of great eateries in downtown Vancouver. However, when you’re looking to watch your budget while you eat you normally have to cross the bridges that bookend the downtown core.   What you may not know (until now) is that one of the top reviewed and high-quality establishments in the city (in Yaletown of all places!) is one of the most affordable. Have a look at some of these dishes that prove it.

5. Patio Without Pretension

Location is often one of the features that helps an establishment distinguish itself from the rest. Salsa & Agave has nailed this, with a location in the heart of Yaletown that has one of the best patio spots in the whole city. But we go one step further to make our location truly unique. You see, far too many top restaurant patios include a fair amount of pretension to go with each block of outdoor square footage. There are more than a few that feel like fashion show runways than they do places to enjoy a meal. But our outdoor seating area offers one of the most laid back and good-spirited places to dine while sucking up a healthy dose of fresh air and scenery. Don’t believe us? Come by, grab a seat, and a perfect patio drink and experience the vibe for yourself!