Looking for a Festive Restaurant in Vancouver this December?

Festive Restaurants Vancouver

We can’t believe December has already arrived. Seems like it was just yesterday that we were sipping pumpkin spiced lattes on the way to the restaurant in the early AM, and now here we are getting our caffeine fix with a non-so-subtle hint of peppermint. You can feel the vibe all over town, as people are preparing for the holiday season. With all of the Christmas shopping and activities there’s no time of the year to work up an appetite quite like December can. But not just any restaurant will do. You want a place that feels as festive as the season so that you can ride out that great feeling that comes with the holiday season. Well, you’ve found what you’re looking for.

5 Reasons Why Salsa & Agave is a Favorite Restaurant for Anyone Looking for a Festive Place to Eat During the Holiday Season in Downtown Vancouver

1. Festive Food

It all starts with the food when it comes to a holiday season day or night out on the town. Given that Mexican culture is well known for it’s culinary contributions to holiday celebrations you know you’re in for something special, beginning with a items found on our weekend special menu. These include Birria (a spicy stew, essentially), Menudo (a traditional Mexican soup), and Pozole (also a warm a cozy stew), all of which grace the tables of many Latin American households across the continent during the holidays. Of course, the Christmas season has you out everyday of the week, which is why our regular menu is stock-full of delectable dishes to keep you feeling jolly.

Desserts are also an integral part of festive feasting, and once again you’ve found the menu to accommodate your cravings. Three must-try desserts that are also common to celebrations all over Mexico include Crepas de CajetaPastel de Tres Leches, and Flan de Cafe.

2. Festive Drinks

There’s nary a better way to maintain the holiday spirit than with lively spirits from behind the bar, ours in particular. It’s quite ironic that the same items that are known as the best summertime patio drinks are also extremely popular during the month of December. But you can’t argue with an order of our famous margaritas, sangria, paloma, guava rush, or tequila sunrise when it comes to ringing in the festivities of the days and weeks ahead. And don’t worry, if you and/or anyone in your party is looking to make the holiday season a dry one, we’ve got one of the best mocktail drink menus in town too.

3. Festive Staff

Salsa & Agave is a family run business, and even staff without common DNA is treated as such, and so are you. The place that you choose to eat out at during the holidays should be as festive and accommodating as a return to your family home does. It should be warm and cozy while at the same time be bustling with the holiday spirit. From servers to bartenders and kitchen to management you will feel as if you’ve stepped into your Abuela’s dining room with a few crazy aunts, uncles, and cousins helping out (to serve you) in the background.

4. Festive Crowd

The inherently festive accents and decor set the tone, putting patrons in our place in the mood to make merry. Of course, if you want to dine with your companions in an intimate setting, you most certainly can here. But if you’re in the mood to mingle in the season of the jingle, all it takes is a friendly glance at the table/s beside you and you’ll instantly make friends with those festive souls who wander into our establishment during this time of the year.

The season also has many of you out with the kids more than usual (school is almost out after all). You’ll be pleased to know that we have one of the most kid-friendly establishments in Yaletown, something that can be otherwise ha rd to find in the area.

5. Surrounded by Holiday Fun of the Local Community

The holidays have you galavanting about town, enjoying the crisp air while shopping for presents and taking in the sights, sounds, and activities of the season. Choosing the right place to eat is an essential part of the day, so that you’re in close proximity for all of the above. Well look no further than our cozy spot found around the corner of Pacific BLVD and Davie Street in Yaletown. You’ve got a slew of boutique shops (clothing to confectionary) to complete wish lists and fill stockings to the brim, while the community center and local community is chalk full of holiday season events and assorted “things to do”. Either start your festive day, wind it down, or do both, with a visit to Salsa & Agave.

~ We look forward to seeing (and serving) you often this Holiday Season ~