Latin American Week in Vancouver – Top 4 Things to Do

Latin American Week in Vancouver

Running from June 30 to July 9 (2017) Latin American Week begins this Canada Day long weekend. It’s an appropriate time, given that Canada has welcomed more Latin American’s into its arms over the past few years than ever before. To give back to Greater Vancouver BC and celebrate all of its colorful cultures, the week actually extends to 10 full days of celebration. Of course, your busy schedules may not allow you to take it all in, so in an effort to help you narrow down the “can’t miss” events our Mexican restaurant has compiled a list for your convenience. Take note and free up your calendar for the following.

Four Can’t-Miss Things to do During Latin American Week 2017 in Vancouver BC

Fiesta Blanca Salsa Cruise – July 2 (8:30 PM to 12:30 AM)

Take two of your favorite things – salsa dancing and boating (who doesn’t love both??) and put them together on the waterways surrounding downtown Vancouver and you’ve got an unbeatable experience. For nearly two decades the Fiesta Blanca Salsa Cruise has been wining, dining, and dancing its way into the seafaring hearts of locals and visitors alike. This year’s launch is a special one, with Latin American Week serving as the kick-off of the summer season on the sea. What makes it even more special? The fact that Salsa & Agave is the official caterer of the affair. Buy tickets for the July 2 launch or for one of the other Summer Salsa Cruise event dates found here.

Latin American Film Night – July 4 (6:50 PM to 8:40 PM)

There’s nothing quite like the magic of cinema to convey the nuances of a culture. The Latin American Film Night affair (in partnership with the Vancouver International Film Festival) accomplishes just that, showcasing two award-winning films with respective roots in Costa Rica and Brazil. Grab a film pass for the night at VanCity Theatre here.

Carnaval Del Sol – July 8/9 (9 AM to 10 PM)

This is the ultimate “one-stop shop” for all things connected to Latin American Week in Vancouver. For two full days (and nights) the largest Latin festival in the Pacific Northwest lands on Concord Pacific Place in downtown Vancouver. Join over 130,000 people (likely more here in 2017) for a wave of festivities. What’s included? Live music and performances, an urban art plaza, a beer garden, a travel show, a family zone, a kids plaza, a food plaza (food trucks too!), and sporting events. Everything you could imagine about latin american culture (and more) can be found at Carnaval Del Sol.

Authentic Mexican Dining @ Salsa & Agave – Everyday (Hours of Operation)

What better way to recognize the rich (and delectable) latin american culture than doing so through cuisine? Where better to enjoy an authentic culinary experience in the heart of it all than by eating at Salsa & Agave, home to the best summertime patio in downtown Vancouver? There are many good reasons as to why our restaurant has become the “go to” spot for anyone celebrating Latin American Week in the city core. In addition to being very affordable (leaving room for the other festivities above), we’re known for our sunny day cocktails, an impressive line of cervezas, a Mexican dessert menu to die for, and once again, the patio, which we all know is so very important for people watching during Latin American Week.

We look forward to seeing you at one (or all) of the above during this time of celebration!