Chasing an Endless Summer in Vancouver? Come to Our Restaurant

Endless Summer Restaurant in Vancouver

Are you sick of hearing everyone talking about pumpkin spice lattes? Does the phrase “back to school” still strike fear and loathing in your soul? Are you baffled by people who get excited about wearing scarves, cardigans, and knee-high boots once again? Then this article (and our restaurant) is for you.

It’s hard to let go of the summer in Vancouver. Nothing brings the city to life quite like warm temperatures, sunny skies, and PNE lines (ok, maybe not the latter). Well, who says you have to let it go? Instead, you can find solace from the impending autumn and winter by becoming a regular at one place that makes summer an all year affair – Salsa & Agave.

5 Reasons Our Restaurant Will Help You Find an Endless Summer in Vancouver

1. Patio Position

This one is pure science folks. It was no fluke that we chose a location with a southeast facing patio. We know that patio culture is VERY big in Vancouver and because of this we wanted to offer our guests the very best. No matter the season, our patio gets sun from sunrise until very late in the day. It also blocks the onshore and side winds that keep downtown Vancouver cooler than other Lower Mainland locales. This combined process warms the patio so that even on a crisp and cool yet sunny autumn day, patrons will feel the warmth of the sun’s sweet kiss.

2. Tropical Drink Menu

Nothing helps you lean into an endless summer quite like tropical libations. That’s why you’ll love hanging out at our restaurant bar, which is stocked full of concoctions one normally finds at vacation resorts far south of the border (and continent).  Our Salsa & Agave Margaritas are the most popular, but we are also known for our perfect sangria, our tequila based Paloma and Tequila Sunrise, and our renowned (and refreshing!) Guava Rush. View more on our all-year summer drinks here.

3. Beach Body Eating

Perhaps you don’t prescribe to the philosophy that you can start indulging until your heart’s literal discontent now that beachwear season has passed. If you insist upon keeping fit and healthy year-round, locked and loaded for that trip to warmer climates at the drop of a hat, bikini top, or board shorts, then our restaurant is your first frequent destination. Here you will find a menu full of healthy eats such as avocado, in addition to filling but nutritious salads, vegetarian options, and more.

4. Keeping the Summer Brunch Schedule Going

Going to brunch with your crew is a big thing in the summer. That should not stop just because the calendar has turned its back on the season. Our brunch heats things up and draws a late AM crowd all year long, with items that include the Azteca Soup w/BurritoAzteca Soup w/Three Rolled Tacos, Enchiladas w/Avocado, and one-off specials that you can keep track of by following our Facebook page. View our popular Mexican (and all-season summer) brunch menu here.

5. The Vibe

The above items are tangible reasons you can find an endless summer at our restaurant and bar. But in the end, there is nothing like the tiene su aqua (our version of je ne sais qui) found at Salsa & Agave. It comes from a combination of warm spirited staff, decor, music, menu, and most importantly – you! Help us continue in the tradition of providing a year-round summer escape for Vancouverites (and visitors) by bringing your perpetual summertime spirit to Salsa & Agave.

As always, we’re honored to have you.