What to Look for When You Want a Good Sangria in Downtown Vancouver

Good Sangria Vancouver

Sangria. This cocktail is unlike any other. When you’re craving one, nothing else will do. That’s the reason you Googled it, and came across this article, right? The name alone incites pop-culture reference, with The Voice star and country music sensation Blake Shelton releasing his #1 hit single “Sangria” two years ago.

Sangria has grown in popularity in Greater Vancouver, as the Spanish influence in cuisine has spread to the spirits and beverage scene as well. Some have mistaken it as being Italian in origin. Others claim it to have originated in Greece. However, while there is some mystery, the drink has definitive Spanish and Portuguese influence, with Spain coming as close as possible to birthing what is known to be a “real sangria”.

It traditionally (as far as one can trace) consists of wine, chopped/diced fruit, a sweetener, and a hint of brandy. The chopped/diced fruit is often a blend of orange, lemon, lime, apple, peach, melon, berries, and grape, although in tropical arenas pineapple and mango also make an appearance.

Spanish influence is often found in Mexican cuisine (and beverages), which is why it is not uncommon (if not expected) to find sangria at the top of many Mexican restaurant cocktail menus. But as with many cross-cultural foods and beverages, Mexican influence must be exerted. When it comes to the sangria, we like to think we most certainly improved upon an already beautiful libation.

Mexican sangria is quite similar to the fruit and wine of Spanish sangria, but it has a higher alcohol content. We like a little extra kick, because you do too! The higher alcohol content isn’t just about giving you extra bang for your peso. There is a culinary science behind it. The added alcohol content makes it a perfect pairing with spicy food, like the kind you will find in an authentic Mexican restaurant. Try a glass with our Chorizo Tacos or Pastor Burrito and you’ll see what we mean.

Of course, there is more to it than more alcohol. To keep things bubbly, we add soda to the mix, which balances the taste exquisitely, making it even more delightful as you sip, swirl, swallow. Salsa & Agave bartenders are not content to stop there. No indeed. We make it a more spirited occasion, by using white wine, which perfectly complements the soda water. The whole experience is lightened and heightened, delivering one of the best sangrias in downtown Vancouver, if not the entire Lower Mainland.

Come taste for yourself, and ask your server which dish you should pair your sangria with, depending on what you’re in the mood for on any given day, or night.

We look forward to seeing you!


A Healthy Restaurant in Yaletown to Help You Stick to Your New Year Plan

Healthy Mexican Food Yaletown

Yaletown is a bit of a juxtaposition. On one side, it has one of the most fit populations in Vancouver. There are boutique gyms, spinning classes, and fitness and yoga studios on every corner. On the other side of the coin, you have restaurant after restaurant and cafe after cafe, all of them tempting your tastebuds.

When it comes to sticking to your new year resolutions to eat healthier, it can be a challenge in this neck of the woods. That being said, you don’t want to deny yourself a day and/or night out in Yaletown. Dining out is a massive part of the social culture here in the city.

Salsa & Agave knows all of the above. That is why our kitchen has prepared a menu that provides the atmosphere and delectable menu you’re looking for, while offering a selection of healthy Mexican dishes that won’t break your new year resolve.

Great Mexican Food in Yaletown Vancouver that Won’t Make You Feel Guilty About Cheating on Your Diet

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Must Try Desserts in Vancouver – Right Here at Salsa & Agave

Vancouver BC is no stranger to the ever-expanding dessert scene. And while there are many sweet-tooth-centric cafes and cake/crepe/pastry joints popping up all over downtown, Yaletown included, dessert is most appreciated after a good meal.

Because of this, restaurants in Vancouver should not be overlooked when it comes to “must try” desserts. A dessert finds its place on a menu because of the way it fits with the drinks and entrees, and even the service and decor. Simply put, dessert is part of the entire culinary symphony and should be enjoyed in the right setting. Among these preferred settings (for downtown Vancouver), is Salsa & Agave. Our kitchen has worked tirelessly to deliver a quaint yet oh-so-rich dessert menu that you most certainly…must try.

Three Desserts to Taste When in Downtown Vancouver

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Looking for a Mexican Brunch in Vancouver?

Mexican Brunch

Just like patio culture, brunch is also big deal when it comes to the Vancouver BC dining scene. Technically between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM, you can make whatever you want of it. It’s not just “breakfast for lunch” anymore. That why here in 2016-17, VanCity foodies are looking to add some culture to the concept. With hispanic influence growing faster than agave in the Lower Mainland, Mexican brunch is on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Our restaurant opens at 11 AM seven days per week. That means we’re ready to serve what you’re looking for in a Mexican brunch. Not sure what order? No problem. Below are some not-so-traditional brunch suggestions that will start your day on the right track, even if you are a late riser.

What to Order for Your Mexican “Brunch” at Salsa & Agave

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Why a Mexican Restaurant with a Patio is So Important to Vancouver

Mexican Restaurant with a Patio

The patio dining culture in Vancouver BC is a big deal. You see, it rains a lot here. And while this climate keeps the region beautifully green, it can impede upon our quality of life. So, when the sun shines (or it is simply not raining) the public drops everything and heads for the nearest patio for lunch, dinner, drinks, and all around hijinks. We can guarantee that workplace sick days in the city coincide with sunny days, upper-management included.

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