Best Restaurant for Casual Couples in Downtown Vancouver

Best Restaurant for Couples Vancouver

Valentine’s Day may be in the rear view mirror, but that doesn’t mean couples aren’t on the hunt for a great place to snuggle up and enjoy a great meal with a great atmosphere to boot. At the same time, many prefer to relegate the whole candlelight scene to February 14th, in search of something that is cozy for couples yet without the overtly romantic pretension for the other 364 days of the year. If this is you, you’ve come to the right place.

Salsa & Agave is a favorite haunt for many downtown Vancouver duos. Today, we take a look at why.

Five Reasons Why Our Vancouver Restaurant is Perfect for Fun Loving Couples

1. It’s Mexican

The Mexican culture is one of the most openly romantic and passionate ones in the world. Our glowing restaurant is of no exception, so when we see you (as a couple) come through our doors, we make sure your experience is a fun yet special from the moment you take your seat. Our staff is also great at picking up on subtle cues. If you’re in the middle of whispering sweet nothings, we’ll keep our distance until your ready for our approach.

2. Cuisine for Couples

You’ve heard that spicy foods are a natural aphrodisiac, so Mexican cuisine makes sense for a couple out on the town. But there’s actually some science behind all of this.

Chili peppers (a common ingredient found within our menu) contain a chemical compound known as capsaicin. Studies show that capsaicin in any form (fresh, dried, or powdered peppers) not only provides wonderful depth of flavor to your meal, it is also increases libido. And don’t worry ladies, this isn’t just a guy thing. The capsaicin compound found in quality chili peppers has been found to improve female libido because its consumption brings about a warming sensation, similar to what one feels when things get…romantic. We won’t go into further detail (as this is also a family friendly site) but rest assured, if your looking to segue dinner into a romantic interlude later in the evening, Salsa & Agave is a great place to start.

3. Drinks to Release Romantic Inhibitions

The beverage menu of any restaurant is also a key qualifier for most companions. For instance, couples flock to our patio on warm afternoons and evenings to enjoy our sunny day spirits, including Margaritas for two, a pitcher of Sangria, or a pair of Paloma, the latter of which is a Spanish word for dove.

Of course, we also have a well chosen wine menu for couples. This includes a soft and fruity Malbec (Argentina Red) and a delightful Chardonnay (BC VQA White). Your server will be happy to suggest some great food pairings, for the pair of you.

4. Satisfying a Sweet Tooth for Two

What better way to conclude your dining affair than by sharing a couple of delectable desserts? Our restaurant is home to three of the most sought after sweets in downtown Vancouver, including Crepas de Cajeta, Pastel de Tres Leches, and our Flan de Cafe. This is one trio you won’t mind inviting into your duo.

5. Affordable Options for a Couple’s Night Out

Last but not least, couples appreciate being able to go out for food and drinks at least once a week, while leaving room in their joint bank account for everything else. This isn’t always easy when living in downtown Vancouver. However, Salsa & Agave has made sure to provide a menu that accommodates your budget without sacrificing one iota of quality. View the five menu items that put the proof in the pudding, or should we say mole poblano sauce?

The next time you and your loved (too soon?) one are in the mood for some delicious food in downtown Vancouver, come on by our Yaletown restaurant and find out why we’re a favorite for many local couples. We look forward to serving you both.