Best Patio Drinks in Vancouver – Sunny Day Spirits in Yaletown

Best Patio Drinks Vancouver

Spring may have officially arrived exactly one month ago, but it sure hasn’t looked like it over the past few weeks. That’s why we wrote this article regarding the best rainy day escape in Vancouver. But the sun is beginning to shine and the weather is getting warmer. Vancouverites know what that means – patio time! But fresh air, people watching, and even great dining aside, we all know that the biggest draw for patio culture in YVR is one that pours. That’s right. Drinks, spirits, libations, and whatever else you choose to call them are the reason you’ll find dining lanais so packed during the first sign of Vitamin D. And as the restaurant with best street comedor in Downtown Vancouver, we owe it to you to put together a can’t miss list of drinks to plan around our next balmy forecast.

5 Must-Have Patio Drinks to Enjoy at Our Downtown Vancouver Eatery

Salsa & Agave Margaritas

We put our name in front of this spirited beverage because it may as well be trademarked. There is nothing quite like a Salsa & Agave Margarita. Our housemade recipe is unmatched, using fresh ingredients, whether lime, strawberry, or any other fruit flavor we happen to feature on any given day. Our bartenders know to use the right amount of triple sec and tequila to draw out the exact taste you imagined and wished for. Another thing that sets our frozen margaritas apart, is the way we blend them. The ice is blended to a velvety texture, to the point that it softly crushes between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Your tastebuds and other palatable senses will be dazzled.

Salsa & Agave Sangria

We know what you’re looking for when it comes to the perfect sangria. This quintessential patio drink is a local favorite at our eatery for a good reason. To ensure the affair is light, delightful and bubbly we add soda water to our Sangria. This balances the taste, accounting for the higher volume of alcohol as opposed to a more traditional Spanish recipe. Our bartenders also use a crisp white wine, which perfectly complements the bubbly, creating an exquisite sunny day outdoor sipping experience.


Paloma is Spanish for “dove”. That light and romantic identifier alone encourages a round of this cocktail as you enjoy the patio view of Pacific Boulevard. It is a tequila based drink, and is mixed with whimsical grapefruit-flavored soda and fresh-squeezed lime juice, crowned by a wedge of lime and a rim of salt around the glass. Paloma is patio.

Tequila Sunrise

This more modern (1970’s) cocktail may have originated from Sausalito in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it owes deep influence from Mexican cocktail culture. This of course is thanks to the tequila. The sunrise part comes from the addition of fresh-squeezed orange juice and a delicious grenadine syrup, served in a tall-standing glass to convey the rising of the sun. You can sip this beverage from sunrise (well, at least from our 11 AM opening) to sunset at Salsa & Agave.

Guava Rush

Guava Rush is a proprietary drink at our establishment. Guava is one of the world’s most revered tropical fruits, native to Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. It is also one that few bartenders have learned to master as a key ingredient, due to its pronounced yet unsharp fragrance and taste. It is sweet, floral, and most certainly unique. Our bar staff has been put to the task and delivered one of the best tropical patio cocktails around with Guava Rush, complete with vodka, fresh guava juice, soda water, and grenadine.

View our complete bar menu here, and head on down to our Pacific Boulevard patio on the next sunny Greater Vancouver day.