Best Restaurant for Casual Couples in Downtown Vancouver

Best Restaurant for Couples Vancouver

Valentine’s Day may be in the rear view mirror, but that doesn’t mean couples aren’t on the hunt for a great place to snuggle up and enjoy a great meal with a great atmosphere to boot. At the same time, many prefer to relegate the whole candlelight scene to February 14th, in search of something that is cozy for couples yet without the overtly romantic pretension for the other 364 days of the year. If this is you, you’ve come to the right place.

Salsa & Agave is a favorite haunt for many downtown Vancouver duos. Today, we take a look at why.

Five Reasons Why Our Vancouver Restaurant is Perfect for Fun Loving Couples

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Dine Out With Us Vancouver – Mexican Style!

Dine Out Vancouver Mexican Restaurant

Salsa & Agave is proud to announce our very own DINE OUT extravaganza at the onset of 2018. We decided to introduce the concept to meet the demand for an authentic Mexican “Dine Out” experience in downtown Vancouver. Without further adieu (we know you’re hungry) here is everything you need to know about the exciting culinary affair.

What You Need to Know About Salsa & Agave’s “Dine Out With Us” Vancouver Experience

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5 New Year Resolutions Salsa & Agave Can Help You Keep

New Year Dining

After our holiday season hiatus Salsa & Agave has returned to welcome back our loyal (and future) customers with open arms.

As a family run operation, we are entering the new year a lot like many of you, with a slate of resolutions to live life better, and to the fullest. But as we all know, some of these resolutions have begun to fall to the wayside here in the tail end of January. That’s why we’re stepping in with our first post of 2018 with some insight into how we can help you stick to your goals, or at least inspire you to adopt some new (and worthy) ones for the year ahead.

How Our Vancouver Restaurant Can Help You Maintain Five Common New Year Goals

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Christmas in Yaletown – 5 Things to Do to Celebrate the Season

Christmas in Yaletown

If you follow our Yaletown restaurant on Facebook then you know that we’re closed for the rest of the holiday season, from December 17 through to January 15. While we most certainly appreciate that many of our loyal customers have to hold off on enjoying their favorite food and beverages, our patrons also appreciate that we’re a family run operation and understand that we let our staff spend the holidays with family. That being said, we’re not about to leave you out in the cold as one of the official ambassadors to the neighborhood. That’s why we’re sending you off into Christmas with a hit list of things to do to help you and yours celebrate the days ahead.

5 Things to Do to Celebrate the Holiday Season When in Yaletown Vancouver

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Looking for a Festive Restaurant in Vancouver this December?

Festive Restaurants Vancouver

We can’t believe December has already arrived. Seems like it was just yesterday that we were sipping pumpkin spiced lattes on the way to the restaurant in the early AM, and now here we are getting our caffeine fix with a non-so-subtle hint of peppermint. You can feel the vibe all over town, as people are preparing for the holiday season. With all of the Christmas shopping and activities there’s no time of the year to work up an appetite quite like December can. But not just any restaurant will do. You want a place that feels as festive as the season so that you can ride out that great feeling that comes with the holiday season. Well, you’ve found what you’re looking for.

5 Reasons Why Salsa & Agave is a Favorite Restaurant for Anyone Looking for a Festive Place to Eat During the Holiday Season in Downtown Vancouver

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Where to Eat While Watching the Game in Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver

Where to Eat and Watch the Game in Vancouver

Sports bars certainly have their place in downtown Vancouver. But where do you go when you want to enjoy a casual (yet delicious) dining experience with the game on in the background? That’s a question that many ask, those of you with a family in tow, on a casual date (whatever you do, don’t watch the game on a first date!), or those who simply don’t want to deal with the screams of rapid sports fans in an elbow-room only establishment. It’s hard to find that middle ground downtown, but it does exist, right around the corner of Pacific and Davie at Salsa & Agave.

Let’s find out why our Yaletown restaurant has become a popular destination for sports fans who want great food and drinks without missing the scores and highlights of the day’s (or night’s) game schedule.

4 Reasons Why Salsa & Agave is the Go-To Downtown Vancouver Restaurant for the Casual Sports Fan

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Best Mocktails in Vancouver – Keeping Dry Without Sacrificing Taste

Best Mocktails Vancouver

The cocktail really took off in the 1980’s along with MTV, neon lights, and Sandals Resorts vacation packages. It didn’t take long for the popularity of the mocktail (the non-alcoholic cousin) to follow.

There are many reasons people seek a mocktail when out with their friends, family, and/or coworkers who are free to indulge in the usual libations. It may be a lifestyle choice, a dietary restriction, an age limitation, a designated driver designation, a bun-in-the-oven or other matter altogether. Whichever the case, it can be a bummer when witnessing the rest of one’s party raise colorful cocktail glasses and cheers in unison when you’re stuck with a bottle of Dasani or Aquafina. The clinging of glasses against plastic just doesn’t have the same literal ring to it.

Simply put, you should not have to miss out on the fun and Instagram opportunities that a traditional cocktail affords, which is why Salsa & Agave (ever-sensitive to the dietary needs of all) has put together a mocktail menu unrivaled anywhere else in Vancouver BC.

A Delicious Mocktail Menu to Keep You from Feeling Left Out When Out on the Town in Vancouver

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Special Weekend Menu for Those Looking for Unique Dining in Vancouver

Weekend Menu Vancouver

Our daily lunch, dinner, and drink specials keep the crowds coming in every single day of the week. But when the weekends hit we like to reward patrons with something special, even if it means our kitchen has to work even harder than normal (we treat them well, we promise!).

Our weekend menu includes three extra special items that we feel deserve a spotlight of their own, which is why we’re using this week’s blog to deliver accordingly. These dishes are more than the result of a recipe, they are steeped in history, culture, and hold significance for many households, a significance that spans from Mexico and has made its way up here to the Pacific Northwest. Curious? Let’s take a look at three dishes that will provide you with a unique dining experience on your next (and many more to come) Vancouver weekend.

Three Unique Dishes Exclusive to Salsa & Agave’s Weekend Menu

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Lunch Drink Specials Near You (Yaletown Vancouver)

Lunch Drink Specials Near Me

By now, you have likely heard about our popular lunch specials which have become quite the draw for the local Yaletown and downtown Vancouver crowd. But you may not be as versed on our 11 AM to 4 PM lunch drink specials. Well, it’s time to rectify that – no one wants to miss out on some spirited midday libations, especially when the price is right!

Lunch Drink Specials You Need to Know About When in Downtown Vancouver

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Chasing an Endless Summer in Vancouver? Come to Our Restaurant

Endless Summer Restaurant in Vancouver

Are you sick of hearing everyone talking about pumpkin spice lattes? Does the phrase “back to school” still strike fear and loathing in your soul? Are you baffled by people who get excited about wearing scarves, cardigans, and knee-high boots once again? Then this article (and our restaurant) is for you.

It’s hard to let go of the summer in Vancouver. Nothing brings the city to life quite like warm temperatures, sunny skies, and PNE lines (ok, maybe not the latter). Well, who says you have to let it go? Instead, you can find solace from the impending autumn and winter by becoming a regular at one place that makes summer an all year affair – Salsa & Agave.

5 Reasons Our Restaurant Will Help You Find an Endless Summer in Vancouver

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