5 New Year Resolutions Salsa & Agave Can Help You Keep

New Year Dining

After our holiday season hiatus Salsa & Agave has returned to welcome back our loyal (and future) customers with open arms.

As a family run operation, we are entering the new year a lot like many of you, with a slate of resolutions to live life better, and to the fullest. But as we all know, some of these resolutions have begun to fall to the wayside here in the tail end of January. That’s why we’re stepping in with our first post of 2018 with some insight into how we can help you stick to your goals, or at least inspire you to adopt some new (and worthy) ones for the year ahead.

How Our Vancouver Restaurant Can Help You Maintain Five Common New Year Goals

1. Eating Smarter

Eating better tops the list of new year resolutions for many Vancouverites. The good news, is that you don’t need to stay home and stare into an uninspiring fridge when it comes to your culinary choices, at least not when you’re a stone’s throw from our eatery. Salsa & Agave has one of the healthiest (without sacrificing taste) menus around, with an assortment of nutritious meals that are high in protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats (avocado much?).

A lot of people are also giving vegetarianism a try, a goal that can be tough for previous meat-eaters to keep. But at Salsa & Agave, we have a vegetarian menu that will make that goal much easier to stick to.

Plan on easing up on the libations a bit more in 2018? You don’t need to sacrifice the drink-in-hand experience, thanks to one of the best mocktail menus in Greater Vancouver. Whatever your “eating smarter” choices may be, we’ve got you covered.

2. Socialize More

Another common goal, is to set aside those tempting Netflix and chill tendencies, and to get out there to socialize, network, and ramp up your personal brand presence in the public eye. You intend on meeting, mingling, and getting together with friends (old and new) far more often.

For example, sports fans (especially soccer-heads) can leave the sofa and come on down to watch the game with fellow aficionados at our game viewing-friendly establishment.

Are you and your friends big brunch fans (a massive trend in Downtown Vancouver)? Make our brunch menu a part of your weekly late morning gatherings and then head off together for the next group activity.

What about those who stay indoors because you get the winter season blues? Well, there is no better way to break those icy chains than by coming to our establishment, a place known to host those in search of an endless summer. And in the summer, we’re around to bring the whole community by getting involved in Latin American Week in Vancouver.

Lastly, take note for when you and your current and new found friends enjoy a few rounds at Salsa & Agave, by remembering to share your experience with us and become a part of our Instagram family.

3. Reward Yourself More

This one may seem contrary to the first goal above, but bear with us for a moment. In sticking to your new year goals, you are exhibiting great discipline, and that is not always easy, especially when you have to manage day to day responsibilities at your place of work (etc.). It won’t be easy, which is why you need to reward yourself, and not just once or twice a year when on vacation.

For instance, you may tighten up the belt during the work week, but allow yourself to recognize (and celebrate) that hard work you do by loosening things up on the weekend. Once again we’ve got you covered, with a special weekend menu of fine food and drinks to give yourself the reward that you most certainly deserve. We also know that many of you have inserted a cheat day into your weekly calendar – which is one of the reasons why we have created a dessert menu to LIVE for.

4. Smart Spending

OK, so while you plan on getting out there to socialize more, and intend on treating yourself to a reward more often, you also aim to make smarter financial choices. Well, you need not sacrifice the first two for the latter, not when you can take advantage of our lunchtime drink specials and the like. In fact, Salsa & Agave has the distinction of being one of the most affordable high-quality restaurants in Downtown Vancouver. Come find out for yourself as you leave with a full belly and wallet.

5. Spend More Time with the Family

For those that don’t know why we were closed from mid-December to mid-January, we are happy to clear it up. We do it for our families. Running the restaurant and upholding our reputation for providing patrons (you!) with the most welcoming (and delectable) experience possible is an around the clock job, one that we are happy to clock-in for through all other days of the year. But in doing so, we want our Vancouver restaurant to be a place that you can come with your family, from bebé/beba to abuelo/abuela. So it comes as no surprise that Salsa and Agave is here to help you keep your new year pledge to spend more time with the family, kids included.

We look forward to hosting you and yours into 2018, and beyond

Feliz Año Nuevo